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For sure that you have ever seen a video where a photograph is transformed in another one as if it were a transformation effect. This kind of video are used to make comparisons between two people or the evolution of one person since he was a child to teenager and things like these.

Usually, if you want to do one of these animations, you can't be a novice, but, thanks to Abrosoft FantaMorph this task is going to become easier and easier, because you only have to choose the origin picture, the destiny picture and determine the key points that are required to do the transition. You can use BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG ,GIF, TGA and PCX files.

The animation obtained can be exported in several formats, such as GIF, AVI, Flash,... In addition, it is skinnable, so you can custom your FantaMorph as you like. Now you can do those animations as easy as selecting two photographs and some key points. Great!
By Álvaro Toledo

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